Monday, March 26

Life goes on

Seems much calmer this week which is great fro my blood pressure! Anyway, Cait is back at normal childminder although she was a bit amused by it as she hadn't been there for three weeks!! Far less stressful for me in the mornings as well. The hour different really upset her yesterday and we had a bit of a nightmare getting her to go to sleep - 10.30 she finally went but was up again at 1.30 as she had "lost" her blanky - sitting on it - lol.

For me - we did lots of allotmenting yesterday and have now planted up two lots of potatoes and 2 lots of onions so we shall see what comes up now. My seeds are also sprouting nicely and I put some more in as well yesterday for a second round of things. Tonights job is sorting out an order for more stuff for the lottie and home really as there are a couple of patches here need filling.

Sorted out a load of stamps to sell off and photoed them all - just got to list them and get them out there to fill up the old paypal account. I may ebay a couple of them as they are now no longer made and I know some of them have gone for silly money on ebay so fingers crossed hey!
A few more cards for you including a mad easter one I made from some stickers and oddments!

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