Monday, February 19

Crafty so and so

Am still quite poorly - now seem to have another cycle of this cold that won't go away - this is week 8 and I started coughing and sore throat and streaming nose and hacking like an old 50 a day smoker - not a happy bunny I tell you. Still Yesterday went up to my sisters' place saw them and M&D and my brother Simon who was down so they were the entertainment troops for a certain little madam whilst I buggered off into the conservatory and shut the door hiding under a pile of blankets to read for a bit and just REST UP - lovely if somewhat cold!!!

I have also been crafting - had around 7 cards to make plus I made two extras - for challenges - piccies soon. Another layout too for the weekly challenge on UKS - not sure how long I will keep this up - always seems to get done on a Sunday evening for some reason - lol - like I am not busy!!!!!!!!


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ukali said...

Hello, just thought I come along and say hello to a fellow scrapbooker from Warwick. Yes, I'm in Warwick too and saw your post on UKS about part time mums, and thought I'd pop over to your blog and say hello:) Nice to know that there is another scrapper in Warwick:)

~Ali xx