Thursday, December 14

Thursday Thoughts

Urghghghghg is about as far as it goes. I tripped up to Liverpool yesterday and although not a bad outing and the trains were fine I am seriouslt shattered and could do with going back to bed. Off to get my hair trimmed at Lunch time - well OK seriously cut I have had it with the current hairdressers so am attempting someone new as well.

Got the next CJ installment and have spent most of yesterday when not working thinking about songs - and the more I think the more I find it difficult to choose. I am a real 80's girl so it might have to be a durannie thing, alternatively there is Gold or True or Stray Cats or or or the list goes on! I DO know it won't be ABBA - sorry Lythan!

Christmas - pretty much sorted - need a main pressie for John (although he can't think what he wants) and need to order J's Mums vouchers and get something for the childminder - WHAT do you buy childminders...... Cait can't really tell me can she!

Right off to catch up on work email and bat away a few things hopefully


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